Fuck U.S. Politics

Jared Griffith

I’m sorry, there was no winner other than the system. After the portions of the debate I heard last night, neither one is going to do anything different than tow the line that we have been on for a long time. Both are liars, and both are nothing more than corporate shills. Both candidates agreed that they are going to lower the corporate tax rate and leave that system alone, but mess with the taxes for the rest of us. Why? Most of the largest corporations in this country have paid ridiculously low taxes (if at all). The tax rate might be 35% for corporations, but NONE of them actually pay that because of the tax holes big enough to park 10 aircraft carriers in. If they are paying that, it’s probably because they have shitty tax attorneys.

Get hip, LISTEN, pay attention America! This shit isn’t going to change by keeping any of these corporate employees in any office. This government needs a Political Douching. Get mad, get vocal, speak out people!

We the PEOPLE have been victims of the American Corporate Political system for long enough.  The Founding Fathers would be turning in their graves and they would have revolted against what this country has become.


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