Oct 10 2014

Whirled Peas

Jared Griffith

Aside from the goofy title, seriously, I really think that a normal thinking society that is truly informed by actual real and truthful information can obtain.   The hard part is letting go of several things, I think those are the blockers.  They are greed, jealousy, envy.  Once you extract those from your life, things become much simpler, much more cohesive.

I personally have run the literal religious gamut.  I have studied in some way and in varying degrees various religions.  My parents promoted this from the beginning, so it’s really something from them.  Approach all religions with an open mind, see what they have to say, and if it fits it ships.  I have been to Baptist, Catholic, Evangelical Christian, “former junky, I got saved in jail” Christian churches.  I even did that “bible time” thing in the trailer outside of elementary school.  I just recently found out that my paternal grandparents were Episcopalian (yeah, those progressive type Christians that accept everyone), really to hedge their bets.  My maternal great grandparents were pretty ardent 7th Day Adventists, and their children were various degrees of 7th Day Adventists, which is perfectly acceptable in that church.  Needless to say, I was pretty well versed in Christian religions.  Some would say 7th Day Adventists were the most extreme, while I actually found them most Christlike, until I found out about those Episcopalians.

Anyhow, after all the Jesus stuff, and what I thought was rhetoric, because I didn’t feel any of those religions (putting aside the Episcopalians, mainly because I didn’t know about them), really followed the teachings of Christ.  They generally taught fear, and that even if you were horrible you would still be forgiven, so evil deeds were somehow “OK” as long as you repented.  I decided to start reading about Islam, Rastafarianism, and all sorts of stuff that didn’t involve some white dude in the middle of the desert.  I was searching out a religion / belief system that I felt was right and the participants of the religion actually practiced those teachings / beliefs.   Some things that I went through coincided with the phases that a young, white, teenage, angsty, teenager coming of age in the late 80’s early 90’s.   Islam research coincided with my “black power” / “fuck whitey” / AIM phase, which was (and still is) a mixture of my musical influences of the time, which were Public Enemy, Paris, and various Peace Punk bands of the time.  Rastafarianism was introduced through my (again) musical influence from reggae, dub, dancehall, ska, and Bad Brains.  I even started reading / researching other things, again, introduced through friends, music, and “mysterious” curiosity.  Through reading various books, I also touched on Hinduism and Buddhism.  I don’t know how I had all the time to research these things at the time when I was busy obsessing about world history, US involvement in various wars / police actions, US “policies” and treaties it failed on, skateboarding, music, hell, even surfing, and general anthropological studies of ancient cultures.

Through all this research (even with going through the “crafts”), there were key unifiers between all of them.  You strip away all of the outdated stuff, crazy stuff, dogma and get to the basic tenets of these ideologies, and you are left with the following:

  1. One omniscient being(s)
  2. One voice of that omniscient being on earth to teach / explain the rest of the rest of these things
  3. Respect (for life, nature, what you have, family, and everything around you)
  4. Love for all those things
  5. Humility
  6. Be humble, because you are not omniscient
  7. Learn and adjust to those things that change around you (which goes back to respect)

Eventually, through various things, I’ve come to settle on Buddhism being the closest thing to what I feel is a belief system (I really find it hard to call it a religion because I find it’s more of a philosophy), that “fits” me.

All that being said, I think that if everyone actually studied Buddhism (politicians, world leaders, general people, hell, everyone) with an open mind and open heart, that they would find the same things I have found.  I’m not advocating that people change things and become a Buddhist.  I’m saying that through these objective views that I have found, and through Buddhism and the thought process and acceptance that the belief system shows, that actual World Peace can be achieved.

I’ve been watching documentaries on His Holiness The Dalai Lama, and am am 10000% convinced that if world and religious leaders believed and spoke as he does, then this can really be achieved.  With Pope Francis, I think we have another world religious leader that is on the same page as His Holiness The Dalai Lama.  I believe Pope Francis is a progressive thinker and can help achieve this.  The problem is that we need other religious leaders that are respected from the other major religions to come together with the Dalai Lama and Pope Frank.  I know they are out there, and they need to be propped up.  Furthermore, we need to start paying attention to what the world leaders (politicians) are doing, and oust them if they don’t fit what they are preaching or don’t fit with these goals.  There are several simple truths that NO ONE can ignore anymore in this world, and we all need to come together to address and resolve them if there is going to be any sort of future for the everyday person.  Otherwise, I fear that we are just going to end up in some corporate feudal quagmire of our own creation, and to our own detriment.

Things need to change.

They need to change NOW.

It starts with us, the everyday people that don’t live in Ivory Castles, that aren’t obsessed with having more money than we can ever spend in our lifetime.

Also, I HIGHLY recommend everyone check out this documentary about His Holiness The Dalai Lama – https://www.netflix.com/WiMovie/70072635

Please, for the sake of everything, open your mind.  Set aside all these preconceived notions, and watch the documentary with an open heart and open mind.


Mar 24 2014


Jared Griffith

For a long time, people have been brandying about the term patriot.  Some have been claiming that they are while others are not.  Webster’s dictionary defines it as ” one who loves his or her country and supports its authority and interests”.  I think there is a secondary, American definition.  That definition comes from what I feel are the founders of this country of ours.  I think it is embodied in the Declaration of Independence as well as the Constitution of the United States.

That definition is ” one who loves his or her country and supports its authority and interests, but questions vigorously, and vocally when their country is doing wrong”.  I really believe the definition should be amended to include that.

Here’s why.  Someone who is  ” one who loves his or her country and supports its authority and interests” , implies that they blindly following their leaders & country without question.  This, without too many separations gets “patriotism” you into the very dangerous position of being a National Socialist.  Being a “patriot” who is blind and is not calling shenanigans on the government when it’s required and necessary, regardless of party affiliation, is very close to National Socialism.  This very blind patriotism is what got Hitler to power.  In some cases, it enabled Stalin, and various other dictators across the globe to commit the atrocities that they have over the centuries.

I have to say it, true American patriots will say that their party is wrong, and call them out on it, and do what they can, regardless of party affiliation.  This goes for either side.

I know it’s hard to “question everything” in the “information age”.  Yes it was a lot easier to figure it all out when it wasn’t the “information age”.  I’m here to try and convince you that the only real patriot is one that keeps their mind open and questions not only their beliefs, but the party they associate with.  Patriotism in the USA, is not blind faith, it is keeping your mind open and questioning everything.  Question what you are fed via the “information age”.  Question what you believe.  Question why you believe it.  Question why others believe it.  This is what freedom is.  Freedom and patriotism is really philosophical debate not only externally, but internally.

What it comes down to is think.  Don’t believe everything you read.  Do your research.  Do your reading.  Don’t just go along party lines to reinforce your ideas.  Watch an obvious “liberal” documentary or show with an open mind.  Watch an obvious “conservative” documentary or show with an open mind.  Let the questions and points brought up in either simmer and cook for a while.

Please people.  Think.  Think for yourselves.  In this country, that is the singular best right, the right to think and say what you want.  You know, that thing in the first amendment.

Mar 11 2014


Jared Griffith

All power to the people! Educate yourself, this shit that is going on and has been going on it is neo-feudalism, straight up class warfare. Educate yourself. Now watching http://www.netflix.com/WiMovie/The_Black_Power_Mixtape_1967-1975/70166238

In other related news, another documentary to educate yourself: https://www.netflix.com/WiMovie/The%20House%20I%20Live%20In/70229263

Another one that made me think, and not with the brain covered by pants and underwear https://www.netflix.com/WiMovie/Buying%20Sex/70293844

If you think de-regulation is the proper course of action, did you know about this? https://www.netflix.com/WiMovie/GasLand/70129353

One last documentary, highly recommended – https://www.netflix.com/WiMovie/The%20Interrupters/70167110

Feb 6 2014

Dear Hollywood

Jared Griffith

Dear Hollywood,

This is an open letter from a computer professional that has a criticism about how your directors and writers portray computer professionals and hackers in your TV series, movies, and other delivery points.  Please, for the love of god, stop having the actors playing “computer guru” roles look down at the keyboard when doing intensive “work / hacking”.  No one that actually knows their way around a computer, especially “hackers” and computer professionals EVER look down at the keyboard.  Please stop doing this nonsense.

P.S.  Thanks for trying to portray us as more than some social outcast / doofus / super awkward nerd / eternal virgin.  That’s pretty cool.  I think you guys have helped us escaped the “Revenge of the Nerds” thing, and we really appreciate that.


Sys Admins, Sys Engineers, Dev Ops people, IT people, “hackers”, developers, software engineers, network admins, and all of us other computer people in the world.

Jul 29 2013

New Favorite Work Related Site

Jared Griffith

This site is awesome. I can relate to so many of these gifs….. it’s just scary and hilarious all at the same time. http://devopsreactions.tumblr.com

Jun 28 2013

Playing tonight on KUCI – Riders Of The Plastic Groove

Jared Griffith

I’m playing with Ron D Core tonight on Riders of the Plastic Groove.


Tune in online at http://kuci.org or http://plasticgroove.com

Jun 24 2013

Playing on Riders of the Plastic Groove 6/28/2013

Jared Griffith

This Friday, 6/28/2013, I will be playing with none other than Ron D Core. Join us online for a listen as I come back to the air waves to beat some techno-sense into you all. It’s going to be a good night, and I’m really looking forward to returning to KUCI & Riders of the Plastic Groove. Listen online on Friday here: http://plasticgroove.com/

Jun 5 2013

Honest Talk about Amazon EC2 Services

Jared Griffith

Awesome article.  Anyone looking to move to EC2 / Amazon web services should look at it objectively.  Don’t believe the hype.


May 29 2013

Lakota file UN Genocide Complaint against United States

Jared Griffith

Wow, good luck.  I fully support this: http://www.counterpunch.org/2013/05/29/lakota-to-file-un-genocide-charges-against-us-south-dakota/

Apr 29 2013


Jared Griffith

Today, I found out I lost someone I could at best describe as an acquaintance.  Though for some reason it feels like I lost someone much closer to me.  I can’t shake this feeling, I can’t concentrate on work, and I’m down right sad.  I have lost my share of people over the years, granted not a whole lot that were close / current friends.  As of late I have lost relatives more than anyone.  The last person that I lost was a friend that I had lost contact with and she died from an apparent o.d. and left her 3 kids motherless.  It shook me, but for some reason, this one has gotten me even worse.  A friend suggested that it’s because she was a good soul, and I’m going to go with that, that’s really the only explanation.  She was a bright, energetic, happy person that when I did get to see her she brightened up the room, and a fun time was going to be had regardless of whatever else was going on.   I wish that I did get to know her better, and I’m sad that she is now gone.

I do know one thing though.  I know if I’m that shook up about her passing, I know that everyone that was closer than I is probably having a way rougher time than I am.  To them, I’m sorry for your loss.

Someone else posted this video of her on Facebook, and I’m going to share it because it’s just a beautiful video.  RIP Karla, catch you on the flip side, you had more of an affect on me than I thought.

Actual spot she was in:

Also, for everyone out there, please be mindful, careful, and share the road with those on motorcycles.  She died in one of my nightmare scenarios of riding.  The whole thing could have been avoided really and it’s really tragic that she lost her life that way.